Tomato Tasting 2017


We had a great turnout for out Tomato Tasting this year! We had a total of 65 delicious tomato entries, and it was certainly tough competition! 

Bloody Butcher

Bloody Butcher



Black Cherry

Black Cherry

Tomato Tasting 2017 Winners:

  1. Best Slicer: Bloody Butcher, grown by Diane Jones (16 votes)
  2. Best Paste: Basque, grown by Kathleen Sanders (18 votes)
  3. Best Small: Black Cherry, grown by Sean Hurley (12 votes)

See the full list of Tomato entries and their votes by clicking here!


A big thanks to those who contributed tomatoes to taste and to all who came out to make this event a success! And thanks to Sergio for playing for us and Wetos Locos Tacos for coming out for the event and cooking up some some great food!

Upcoming Events: Evening at Edwards and Autumn Festival

Early Annuals

Get a head start in the garden with early annuals. Many of these varieties are hardier and thrive in cooler weather. They can survive a light frost and give your garden added spring color.

Cheiranthus ‘Charity Mix’

Provides continuous blooms during cool weather; sun to part sun, 8-10” tall.

Coleostephus myconis

Bright daisy like flowers; full sun, 24” tall.

Dianthus ‘Ideal Select Whitefire’.

 Softly-scented flowers; sun to part sun, 8-10” tall.

Dimorphotheca ‘Spring Flash Yellow & Orange’

Full sun, 10-12” tall.

Leucanthemum paludosum

Large daisy like flowers; full sun, and 8” tall.

Nolana ‘Bluebird’

Trailing blue flowers; sun to part sun, 10” tall.

Snapdragon ‘Frosted Flame’

Variegated leaf, brilliant colors, strong stems; sun to part sun, 16” tall.

Snapdragon Solstice Mix.jpg

Snapdragon ‘Solstice Mix’

Great for cutting, beautiful mix of color; sun to part sun, 16-20”.

Stock ‘Harmony Mix’

Large, fragrant flowers; Full sun, 10” tall.