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"Souper" Sale!

souper sale 2017 week 1 border.jpg

Bring in a donation of 5 non-perishable food items (we have collection bins in the garden store) or give a $5 donation to The Idaho Foodbank at the time of your purchase to receive up to 50% off annuals, vegetables, and hanging baskets! Plus there are different plants on sale each day of the Souper Sale, at up to 75% off.


  1. June 21st: 75% off Wave Petunias and Basil
  2. June 22nd: 75% off Coleus and Dill
  3. June 23rd: 75% off Summer Savory and New Guinea Impatiens
  4. June 24th: 75% off Marigolds and Cilantro
  5. June 25th: 75% off Geraniums and Flat Parsley
  6. June 26th: 50% off Succulents (20% off Florist) and 75% off Marjoram
  7. June 28th: 50% off 4" Houseplants (20% off 6" & above) and 75% off German Chamomile
  8. June 29th: 75% off Begonias and Shiso
  9. June 30th: 75% off Osteospermum and Basil
  10. July 1st: 75% off all Annual Pony & Jumbo Packs and Dill
  11. July 2nd: 75% of all 4" & 6" Annuals and Cilantro
  12. July 3rd: 75% off All Annuals (excludes houseplants & succulents) & All Herbs Previously on Sale

Sale excludes: perennials, nursery stock, shrubs, trees, carnivorous plants, custom pots, perennial herbs, & flower shop plant material. Succulents, houseplants (only 4", 6", & hanging baskets) & tropicals are included on special sales days. Discounts only apply to daily purchase. Plant can NOT be held. 

Later Event: June 24
Edwards Earthworms