Herbs & Veggies

We in the Herb and Vegetable Department want to help people grow good food. In keeping with the philosophy of Edwards Greenhouse, we believe in and embrace the concept of sustainability. Meeting the required standards is a demanding and daunting challenge, but one toward which we are ever striving. We use safe, natural fertilizers and, when necessary, organic pesticides.

We take pride in offering an extensive selection of varieties, the common as well as the less common.  The majority of our stock is raised from seed here in our greenhouses. 


We are also unwavering opponents of GMOs, and so you need never wonder if that’s what you’re getting from us.  GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are not the same thing as hybrids, which we do carry.  The genetic modification involved in the creation of a GMO requires literal gene splicing.  A hybrid requires cross-pollination.

Whenever possible, we support independent seed companies; admittedly, however, buying seed from corporate suppliers is at times inevitable, as certain popular cultivars are available only through them.  Similarly, we avoid, when we can, the use of treated seed; our next goal is to eliminate treated seed entirely.

We carry a huge variety of herbs, which we start from seed. From Arnica to Za'atarand just about everything in between including more than 35 varieties of Lavender, around 30 varieties of Basil, and more than 20 varieties of Mint.

Our Herbs & Veggies department carries a rich selection of antioxidant rich berries, including blueberries, raspberries, grapes, blackberries, strawberries and more, as well as melons and some other fruits.

Edwards Greenhouse Perennials department has a diverse selection of fruit trees, shrubs & plants. Fruit trees vary from juicy favorites such as peaches and cherries to healthy apples and apricots.

Asparagus crowns, organic seed potatoes, seed onions and starts, alliums, cole crops, carrots,  eggplants, and a huge variety of squashes, just to name a few. Our Herbs and Veggies department has a large selection of vegetable starts to get your vegetable garden started right. Because the food you grow yourself is the best food, we really believe so!