Gardening Insights From Edwards Greenhouse

Gardening Themed Guided Imagery

I recently acquired a guided imagery and general wellness audio recording to help with unwinding myself at night. For complete info click here.

The narrator, Belleruth Naparstek, suggests imagining a beautiful, calming, comfortable outdoor place in which to mentally relax. I often visualize lying in the heart of the kind of garden that bears heavy vegetables, aromatic herbs, and luscious blooms bursting with color.

The following illustrates how I have sometimes created healing images, prompted by the narrator, from the recording: I imagine soil scented mist arising around me, passing through my body where it dissolves tension and pain, and I relax more deeply. On my in-breath, I imagine gathering up unhelpful emotions like competitiveness, resentment, or guilt, and I breathe them out to be rid of them. I choose to live in joy. In this way, I use my powerful will to heal my body. And as I work at Edwards in the Herbs and Veggies department, I often recall these helpful techniques and images to brighten my day and give my body messages to be well.

The pleasure of working in, and imagining, gardens may decrease anxiety and depression, among other benefits. There are many, sometimes wonderfully elaborate, specific, and personal, ways to imagine garden themed places of healing, and new uses continue to be studied with positive outcomes.

Edward’s staff members are happy to provide support and advice throughout the gardening experience to strengthen each gardener’s skills at all experience levels.


Gretchen Weitemier

Occupational Therapist

Herbs and Veggies Worker