Shirley Riebe Eulogy from Garnette Edwards

Shirley Riebe

It’s with a very sad heart that I share the loss of our dear friend and former employee Shirley Riebe.


Shirley was lovingly referred to as “The Geranium Lady”. She was responsible for taking the cuttings, transplanting them and growing the beautiful annual flowers. She did this and many other jobs for 25 years; but before she came to work at Edwards, four of her children (Davey, Cherie, Bob and Karl) were here spanning about 15 years.

Shirley was a bright spot in my life. Her laughter began with a giggle, which morphed into a full-blown belly laugh. It was contagious. Her philosophy of life was practical and “earthy”.  Shirley knew no “airs”, no pretense.

She was a kind and thoughtful woman. She was loyal, hardworking and truthful (perhaps painfully truthful sometimes). I came to love her and her honesty.

Shirley mentored me and others through many obstacles and difficult times.

I understand now her strength. She shared it with a generation of Edwards women who were strong, smart, capable and nurturing. Most are now gone.

I write about my personal feelings, but I know I’m not alone. Her death has impacted us, and our loss will leave a void.

Shirley Riebe touched us all in many quiet, simple ways that have left a grand memory and many stories. We shall miss her.

Thank you, Shirley.

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