What's New in Perennials for 2019


Penstemon ‘Cha Cha Lavender’
Height: 25”

Dark purple edge with white throat, loved by hummingbirds; lots of spikes of flowers. Pictured to the left.

Sedum ‘Rock & Grow’
Height: 8-10”

Blue/green foliage forms a perfect half dome of salmon pink flowers; always neat & tidy.


Uvularia grandiflora
Height: 24”

Your grandmother grew this little gem- “merry bells”; bright yellow flowers, very easy. Pictured to the left.

Sun/part shade

Anemone ‘Fall In Love Sweetly’
Height: 20-26”

We love the name, and we love Japanese anemone. At the end of the season, these dance into the limelight and take center stage; they have double pink flowers over beautiful green foliage. Does not spread as quickly as the older variety.


Calycanthus ‘Aphrodite’
5-8’ tall & wide
“sweet shrub”

If you would like an unusual shrub in your garden that will stop people in their tracks, this is it! Large, fragrant flowers appear in late spring and continue through summer. Pictured to the left.

2 Adorable Miniature Hostas for fairy gardens or containers:

Hosta ‘Mighty Mouse’

Only 8” high; spring foliage is blue/green before turning gray/green in summer.

Hosta ‘Munchkin Fire’

7”; Bright yellow all summer.


Penstemon ‘Blackbeard’
Height: 28-34”

Blooms early to midsummer with numerous lilac purple flowers with a white-flowering throat; a hummingbird magnet. It keeps its wonderful dark purple foliage all summer, and it looks good all winter. Pictured to the left.

Asarum Chinese Wild Ginger
Height: 5-8”

An evergreen ground cover for the shade that everyone needs; beautiful heart-shaped leaves; deer and rabbit resistant.

Lewisia ‘Constant Fuchsia’
Height: 10”

A beautiful new variety that is true to her name; great for containers and gardens. Blooms throughout the summer with rich fuchsia blooms.


Knautia ‘Thunder & Lightning’
Height: 18”

Incredible variegated green and cream leaves make it a stand-alone plant as is, but it also has incredible wine-colored flowers, almost all summer. Not fussy! Pictured to the left.

Penstemon ‘Desert Beard Tongue’
Height: 30”

Mounds of deep blue/green foliage are topped with wands of vivid purple/magenta trumpets for most of the summer; foliage looks good in the winter. Attracts hummingbirds and hawk moths.


Clematis ‘Serious Black’
Height 4-6’

An upright bush-type clematis with dark purple leaves and white blossoms; looks great with roses! Pirtured to the left.


Remember when there were only 2 colors- blue and a dingy white? Now we have wonderful yellow, pink/yellow, dark purple with yellow, grape purple- so many fabulous colors! Baptisia makes a great cut flower, with beautiful foliage and interesting seed pods. If you don’t have a baptisia, you are missing one of the best perennials for your garden.


Tomato Tasting 2017


We had a great turnout for out Tomato Tasting this year! We had a total of 65 delicious tomato entries, and it was certainly tough competition! 

Bloody Butcher

Bloody Butcher



Black Cherry

Black Cherry

Tomato Tasting 2017 Winners:

  1. Best Slicer: Bloody Butcher, grown by Diane Jones (16 votes)
  2. Best Paste: Basque, grown by Kathleen Sanders (18 votes)
  3. Best Small: Black Cherry, grown by Sean Hurley (12 votes)

See the full list of Tomato entries and their votes by clicking here!


A big thanks to those who contributed tomatoes to taste and to all who came out to make this event a success! And thanks to Sergio for playing for us and Wetos Locos Tacos for coming out for the event and cooking up some some great food!

Upcoming Events: Evening at Edwards and Autumn Festival