If you are just starting out in the world of perennials, a serious gardener or an avid plant collector, our staff will be able to find the right plant for you. We carry over 1000 different cultivars of perennials. We offer over 40 different Heucheras, 60 different Daylilies, 50 different Hostas and of course lots and lots of Echinaceas.


In February we receive over 4000 bare root roses that we prune, pot and fertilize to ensure the highest quality product. You can pre-order your roses (before March 31st) and pick them up at the proper planting time. We carry a large selection of David Austin English Roses, Weeks and Star Roses.

Roses are subject to availability. Orders to be picked up once ready to be planted in your yard. Delivery can be arranged in the Treasure Valley, call to schedule, delivery fees apply. We do not ship roses or any plant material.

Shrubs are an essential part of the landscape. They provide foliage, not just green, but bright gold, deep plum purple, cool grey or variegated. The individual leaf can be tiny or mammoth and some shrubs have bright red or yellow canes for winter interest.

We at Edwards are always searching and evaluating recent introductions that will do well in our Treasure Valley climate. One of our favorite shrubs is the hydrangea. We carry over 30 different cultivars from climbers, oakleaf, paniculata, smooth leaf, and the mountain hydrangea serrata.


Our nursery staff is always looking for smaller growing ornamental trees that will do well in our area. We are excited to carry over 100 different Japanese Maples from a 4” pot to a 24” box. We also carry a wide selection of Magnolias, Crabapples, Redbuds, Stewartia and flowering dogwoods. We also have available locally grown fruit trees.


We carry a vast selection of vines from Akebia to Wisteria. One of our signature plants is the Clematis “The Queen of Vines”, a popular plant in a staggering range of color from wedge wood blue to bright purple to vibrant red to starry white. We grow over 2000 clematis so we can find one that will work in your landscape.


Using conifers in a border provides a backbone for the display of plants and adds year long interest. Not all conifers grow into oversized unwelcome guests. We specialize in “true dwarf” conifers, some of which grow only an inch per year. We carry all shapes and sizes: buns, vertical, weeping and pyramidal. Conifers come in an array of colors from steely blues to smooth silvers to vibrant yellows. The Edwards staff would be happy to find something that will work in your garden.