Houseplant CARE

Houseplants add life, color, and character to indoor spaces throughout the year. Not only are they an element of décor that provide texture and form to your home, but houseplants purify the air of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Houseplants are often plants from tropical-like regions, which lends to their versatility in the garden as well. Depending on the variety, houseplants can be used as foliage fillers in shade containers or gardens. Houseplants are also often used in miniature gardens and terrariums.

Edwards Greenhouse and the Florist at Edwards provide various sizes and varieties of houseplants, from miniature 2” pots to large established plants that can be selected by variety and availability. We also carry hanging baskets of mono-cultures and foliage combinations that do well in the shade.


The common variable between succulents is not their genus or family, but their similar environmental adaptations that being their ability to store water throughout the dry seasons. We carry a selection of hardy succulents in our perennial department, such as sedums, sempervivums, delosperma, agaves & yuccas. As well as tender (to our area) succulents in our annuals department, such as aeonium, aloe, echeverias, kalanchoe, tender sedums, and other intriguing & collectable succulents.