Return Policy:

Annuals, Vegetable, Annual & Perennial Herbs:

  • Must be returned within 3 days of purchase.
  • Must have the original receipt and plant(s).

Perennials (including trees, shrubs, and perennial bearing fruits):

  • Must be returned within 90 days of purchase.
  • Must have the original receipt, the plant(s) and the plant tag(s).
  • Plants will only be replaced once.
  • Plants are only guaranteed in the Treasure Valley USDA zone. 
  • An item(s) can only be replaced once upon return. 

Hard Goods:

  • Must be returned within 30 days.
  • Must have the item and a receipt is preferable, but if there isn’t a receipt, reimbursement will be store credit.

Custom Potting:

  • Must be returned within 2 weeks.
  • Must have the original receipt and a photograph of container(s).


  • Must be returned within 3 days of purchase.
  • Must have the original receipt and plant(s).  

On cash transactions, if the value of the returned item(s) is over $25, there is one of two options. First, the returned amount can be reimbursed through a gift card. The second option is a reimbursement through check. Reimbursement with cash will not be made unless approved by a manager.

Discounts Policy:

  • We do not extend sales earlier or after posted sales date(s).
  • Sale discounts will not be applied with community or other special discounts.
  • Items will not be held for upcoming sales.
  • Sale discounts exclude Custom Wholesale Orders, specially grown orders, Custom Potting, and Flower shop orders.
  • Special discounts are subject to request at time of purchase. We do not proactively or retroactively apply discounts.

Hold Policy:

We will hold items for 24 hours and if they are not picked up/purchased by then we will restock the items. However, we will not be “personal shoppers." If a customer calls for one or two specific items we will oblige, if they want to pick, create, or set aside more than 3 different items we do not have to oblige.