Photography Policy:

You are welcome to photograph during our regular business hours, but we ask you to be respectful. Please stay clear of our customers, employees, and sold areas. Be aware of signs and stay out of areas that are marked sold or are taped off. Photo shoots that impede our ability to conduct regular business will be asked to leave.  

We ask that you that you do not schedule photoshoots on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10am to 5pm during April and May throughout the greenhouse, as we often have classes, events, or it is high traffic at that time. If you’d like to shoot outside our business hours, please email Erin to arrange a time at least a week in advance. Also, if your photo shoot includes a large group (15 or more), or if models will be wearing revealing clothing (such as swimwear, etc.), please get in touch about scheduling an after-hours photo shoot. During the busy operating hours photographers can utilize the Legacy Gardens but must stay clear of any events, customers, or employees.

We also ask that you tag us in or credit us as a location in any social media or marketing you do. And be sure to use the hashtag #edwardsgreenhouse so we can see and share your photos!

We thank you for your utmost respect as a business and community member so we can continue to provide this free service.

Return Policy:

Annuals, Vegetable, Annual & Perennial Herbs:

  • Must be returned within 3 days of purchase.

  • Must have the original receipt and plant(s).

Perennials (including trees, shrubs, and perennial bearing fruits):

  • Must be returned within 90 days of purchase.

  • Must have the original receipt, the plant(s) and the plant tag(s).

  • Plants will only be replaced once.

  • Plants are only guaranteed in the Treasure Valley USDA zone.

  • An item(s) can only be replaced once upon return.

Hard Goods:

  • Must be returned within 30 days.

  • Must have the item and a receipt is preferable, but if there isn’t a receipt, reimbursement will be store credit.

Custom Potting:

  • Must be returned within 2 weeks.

  • Must have the original receipt and a photograph of container(s).


  • Must be returned within 3 days of purchase.

  • Must have the original receipt and plant(s).

On cash transactions, if the value of the returned item(s) is over $25, there is one of two options. First, the returned amount can be reimbursed through a gift card. The second option is a reimbursement through check. Reimbursement with cash will not be made unless approved by a manager.

Discounts Policy:

  • We do not extend sales earlier or after posted sales date(s).

  • Sale discounts will not be applied with community or other special discounts.

  • Items will not be held for upcoming sales.

  • Sale discounts exclude Custom Wholesale Orders, specially grown orders, Custom Potting, and Flower shop orders.

  • Special discounts are subject to request at time of purchase. We do not proactively or retroactively apply discounts.

Hold Policy:

We will hold items for 24 hours and if they are not picked up/purchased by then we will restock the items. However, we will not be “personal shoppers." If a customer calls for one or two specific items we will oblige, if they want to pick, create, or set aside more than 3 different items we do not have to oblige.